Newsletter - February 2017

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Hello Friends, 

I hope you have had a great start to the year.  

If your year hasn’t started as well as you expected, then, hold on tight as we are just at the beginning of the Chinese New Year which began on 28th January. We also have Imbolc which celebrates the coming of spring.

The Red Fire Rooster

This year will be a powerful one, when we need to be clear on our intentions concerning love, money and business.  Stick to practical and well proven paths to ensure success. Don’t get involved in any risky ventures. Righteousness, perseverance and transparency will be generously rewarded. It is a good year for singles to get married and relationships in general.

Tap into the Rooster’s traits which are loyalty, commitment, hard work and family values. 


Imbolc is a Celtic festival and began on 1st February. It is a good time to clear out the old and welcome the new. Prepare for what is coming, plant your ideas and leave them to germinate. Get ready for change. 

My News

I am very much enjoying co teaching for The London School of Feng Shui. It has inspired me to organise some more of my own workshops so do let me know if you would like to learn about Space Clearing, Dowsing, Feng Shui, Personal Development or Psychic Awareness.

Last weekend, I went with a group of students to Space Clear a home. It feels special to be able to transform a space from one that is very low in vitality to one that is sparkling and ready to support, manifest and inspire. The same can be said for Aura Healing, just like our home mirrors us,  so does our energy field. It contains all our thoughts, experiences and projections from others. Can you imagine all the projections some politicians receive! On that note, because of all the world’s unrest, it is important to understand that if you are sensitive, we can be affected by the overall energy on the planet. The way to keep yourself in balance is to become an observer, don’t allow yourself to be pulled in and do plenty to look after yourself. 

Do let me know your news and feedback. If you are interested in any of my services, the link to my website and Facebook are below.

Warmest Wishes