Susie Shaw: A Stroke of Love

Susie has run her own alternative business for 18 years. She feels blessed to be spending her days doing what she loves. Her expertise includes Healing Houses and Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Hypnotherapy, Aura Healing and Dowsing. You’ll often find Susie walking her dog or in deep in meditation with a glass of Prosecco at her side. She enjoys sparring with her boxing trainer at her local gym and has a great right hook. 

Help me I'm being Haunted!

Theresa George, 45, is a freelance graphic designer from Silvertown, East London.

My flat terrifies me. It all started three years ago. I'd be standing at the sink washing the dishes and, out of the comer of my eye, I'd notice a figure walking behind me. When I turned round, no one was there. Once when I was getting a hot lasagne out of the oven, some unseen entity whacked it out of my hands and sent it hurtling across the kitchen. All my appliances have broken down I've had to replace my TV and washing machine three times, and my new boiler packed up. Could this be the work of a ghost?'

THE SOLUTION We called in home healer Susie Shaw, who works using a combination of Space Clearing, Spirit Release, dowsing and earth acupuncture.

SUSIE SAYS: As soon as I walked into Theresa's flat, I sensed a spirit who hadn't moved over to the spirit world. In my mind's eye, images unfolded like a film. I saw a man in his thirties with mousy hair and brightly coloured clothes. who had died of a drugs overdose in the living room many years ago.

I cleared the spirit by silently asking his ancestors, as well as Archangel Gabriel, a healing angel, to help him get to the next level of his journey. As the spirit left the flat, the atmosphere became a lot lighter:

Theresa told me she'd had a terrible migraine for three days before I arrived, so I decided to clear her aura the energy field around her, with Aura Healing. I gazed at a photograph of Theresa while she was in the kitchen, then directed my healing energy towards her. Moments later, Theresa emerged from the kitchen to tell me her migraine had completely disappeared.

Using two dowsing rods, I walked around the flat to detect detrimental earth energy called Geopathic Stress, which is caused by very deep streams that have become stagnant. When the rods crossed, I knew that Geopathic Stress existed in the flat. I wanted to get Theresa involved too, so I asked her to do the same exercise. Sure enough, our rods crossed at the same points, Indicating Geopathic Stress lines in the living room, by the front door and in her bedroom.

In order to release this negative energy, I carried out some earth acupuncture. First I dowsed and silently asked for guidance about where to apply the acupuncture. re dowsing rods crossed in the living room and bedroom, so in these areas I placed a quartz crystal on the floor and held a tuning fork, called an om, on top of it. I visualised the energy rebalancing and called the universe to heal the earth. I then asked Theresa to walk around the flat dowsing, and this time the rods didn't cross, showing I'd got rid most of the negative energy.

Next, I did a Space Clearing to thoroughly clear any negative energy that might still be lingering. I set up an altar in the living room where I placed my equipment, including a Balinese bell, a drum, a lit candle and incense. Then I walked clockwise round the flat starting at the front door; banging the drum to break up energy. I repeated the process with the bell. then smudged with dried sage. Smudging is a Native American protection ritual in which herbs are lit, then the flame is blown out so the herbs smoulder. I walked clockwise round the flat again, this time wafting the smoke around.

Theresa and I then performed a fire ceremony another Native American practice to unblock her personal energy. This involved placing salt (to represent the earth) and rum (to symbolise water) in a bowl, then lighting it while we walked round the flat ringing Mayan bells and imagining joy, peace, good health and positive relationships re entering the space I'd cleared.


THERESA SAYS: Susie was absolutely amazing. My migraine disappeared half an hour after she arrived. And was astounded when she described a male spirit dressed in gaudy clothes. Three years ago, I had a nightmare that a blond man, who looked exactly like the man Susie described, was on my balcony scratching at the window and trying to get in. In the dream, I had a rolling pin in my hand and I was telling him to go away. When I woke up, I was lying in bed clutching an actual rolling pin, which really spooked me out. I'm sure I wasn't sleepwalking I've never done that before.

Before Susie arrived, I loathed being in the flat. None of my friends ever came round despite invitations, and my sleep was atrocious. But now that's all changed. After Susie left, I had the best night's sleep ever and woke feeling refreshed. I feel like I've got a new vigour too. I started doing up my kitchen three years ago, but never finished it now I’m determined to get it done.

Even my cats are more content. They never used to go into the living room, but now they like curling up there. Thanks to Susie, my flat feels like a safe and happy place to be.

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