I hold workshops and talks throughout the year such as beginners Dowsing, Feng Shui, Space Clearing and connecting to your Inner Wealth. Please check back for further information regarding future dates.

I am co- teaching with E J Shaffert for The London School of Feng Shui throughout 2018/2019

We have a ‘Taster Session’ on 27th October in Wimbledon from 2pm-5pm. You need to reserve a ticket at the cost of £5 Do contact me for details.

Our new Feng Shui training starts on 1st December 2018, please contact me for further information

For details of training and more information, please contact me:

I run an Open Awareness Circle on the last Monday of every month at Hampton Hill Spiritualist church which starts at 7:30pm. You will be made very welcome if you wish to join us at any point.

You can also see me at the churches and centres for mediumship demonstrations, these are my current dates for 2018

11th February Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church- Divine Service

25th February Richmond Spiritualist Church- Divine Service

4th March Hampton Hill  Spiritualist Church -Divine Service

22nd March Special Charity Event- Medley Of Mediums- Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church.

10th June Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church - Divine Service

20th June Richmond Spiritualist Church Midweek service

7th October Brighton National Spiritualist Church- Divine Service 6.30pm

9th December Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church- Divine Service 6.30pm

I am available for private sittings for mediumship and spiritual readings.

Spiritual and Mediumship readings are available at £50 per sitting and last approximately 45 minutes.

For details or more information, please contact me:


Janet W

Dear Susie

Thanks you so much for the great and informative day last Saturday. I liked the way you ran it and the handouts are great to look at now I'm back at home. The day was well planned but relaxing, thanks for the biscuits! One of the exercises you did with us all was the cutting of cords- wow this was really powerful and has worked so well! Thank you again for so much information and a good day, despite the long drive, well worth it.

 Photo by Andreka/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Andreka/iStock / Getty Images

Annette S

I Love the gentle, empathic delivery of the course

 Photo by humonia/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by humonia/iStock / Getty Images

Paula P

Dear Susie
Thank you so much for such a lovely workshop, although I have worked a little with a pendulum, I had no idea about the history of dowsing. I found your workshop both really informative and inspiring. I am looking foward to learning more about dowsing. I have been enjoying practicing with the L rods and becoming more confident with them.
Thank you so much