Energy Release

I have found in some cases that spaces hold memories from the past, which can feel like a 'presence' but in fact is not. Repeated actions or events can remain and felt as energy or 'thought forms'  A Space clearing  with focused intention will bring peace to the space.

A very small minority of those who die fail to enter a different dimension and become 'earthbound'. They become attached to the earth plane and so cannot move forward.

Usually they are lost and confused. If the spirit stays in the home, it can affect the occupants greatly. Spirits usually do their best to draw attention to their plight, for example, by interfering with electrical appliances or causing bulbs to blow.

Earthbound spirits can be released in a gentle compassionate way. This way of helping the spirits move on to where they should be is not exorcism. The spirit is not 'banished' but is guided to its rightful place in the universe.

Earthbound spirits are not to be confused with loved ones that have passed over. Healing for earthbound spirits will not have an effect on those close to us in the spirit realms who are free to pop in to see us. The energy of those that are in the spirit realms feel lighter to those that are earthbound whose energy is much denser. 

Healing earth bound spirits can have a very positive effect on the energy in the home. However, a space clearing is recommended to clear any residual energy, once the spirit has been released.