When living in your home, you would like to remain as laid back and relaxed as would be possible. After all, the home would be the place where you would be able to be yourself without having to worry what other people are thinking about you.

However, there could be certain instances for which you might not feel at peace in your home. One of this would be geopathic stress. This would be referred to a disrupted or distorted electromagnetic field of the Earth. Since the Earth seems to resonate with an electromagnetic frequency of around 7.83 Hz, this seems to fall within the range of human brainwaves. When the frequency would be found out of the normal range, that is when the stress would be created. This would usually be created by sewers, water pipes, electricity, underground streams, underground railways, tunnels, geological faults, and mineral formations that would distort the natural resonance of the Earth. Spending a lot of time or sleeping in geopathic stress zones could have ill effects on our performance, health, and well being.

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How long people have known about geopathic stress

It has been found that most of our ancestors in various cultures seem to have known about geopathic zones or geopathic stress. The Chinese seem to call them “dragon lines” or “claws of the dragon” in order to signify the importance of this condition. Other than that, ancient Romans used to test out new areas for buildings by allowing the sheep to graze in the potential area of construction for about a year. Once that time would be up, they would slaughter the sheep to see if their organs were healthy or not. Avicenna and Aristotle were amongst those who extensively talked about the relation of a good environment with health.

Signs indicating geopathic stress

In order to determine if you are living in geopathic zones, it would be important to make yourself about some of the signs which would indicate this. For instance, the walls could develop cracks and the extra humidity would attract cold. It has also been noted that streets with a lot of potholes would be more prone to geopathic stress. In these zones, hay and other less-fireproof materials would be at a greater risk to catch fire. It has also been observed that a lot of accidents seem to take place in geopathic stress zones.

 How to tell if you have been affected by geopathic stress

In terms of your overall health and well-being, there would be a couple of signs from which you would be able to tell if you are indeed living in a geopathic stress zone. These would be as follows:

·         You would never wake up feeling refreshed in the mornings

·         You might have a feeling that something is wrong in your home

·         You could develop a serious cancer such as multiple sclerosis or cancer

·         The house would seem to have a history of terminal illness such as cancer.

Therefore, by knowing more about geopathic stress, you would be able to better prepare yourself. In case of your home as well, you would be able to take the necessary precautions.