My Testimonials...

Dear Susie

I thought you might like to know how we are all getting on since I last spoke to you. As you know the three previous occupants all had unhappy histories; one lost her job and husband in the same week, one was made bankrupt and the third couple ended up in a very acrimonious separation. We were very keen that something similar did not happen to us. There were a number of rooms in the house and areas of the garden that I did not like or feel comfortable in.

Since your visit the whole house feels relieved and open. I now leave the spare bedroom door open all the time whereas in the past I hated to look in there. Downstairs has a very different feel too. One friend who visited before you cleared the house couldn’t believe how much lighter the house felt when she came back the other day. It was rather cloudy but she said it was brighter despite the fact it had been sunny when she first visited the house. So that had nothing to do with the light levels!

Kind regards and a huge thank you from all of us
— R. Whitaker. Sussex
I must say, I have been very impressed by the work you carried out for us.

For the last 5 years my daughter has woken up every night having bad dreams and too frightened to go back to sleep. Since, a few days after your visit, she has slept peacefully through the night. She is not tired anymore, much calmer and happier. My relationship with my husband has greatly improved, we are communicating much more and it feels like we are moving in a positive direction together. He has also now started a new job and his career prospects have really opened up.

I am informing all my friends and family about your work in the hope of bringing positive energy into their lives as it has for me.

Many thanks,
A.S Twickenham

Following your visit just over a year ago now I have been absolutely fine. Sleeping is much better and I don’t suffer with the previous problems. I’ve been meaning to write your testimonial and was waiting for the anniversary just to let people know that you’re not a flash-in-the-pan five minute wonder, but your treatments stand the test of time. I am very grateful Susie – thank you.
— M. Khan. Bedford
Dear Susie,

Thank you for the work you carried out to help the sale of our property. I approached you since the property had been on the market for over 3 months, at a reasonable price in a sought after location. After your consultation the house felt bright, warm and welcoming. I almost felt sad to be selling it!
Within 10 days after your consultation we received 2 offers on the property.

Susie I have great faith in the work you do, and that is why I have recommended you to both friends and family. They too are impressed by your remarkable efforts!

Many Thanks
— A.F Streatham, SW16
I hired Susie to cleanse two properties, a pub that I had recently renovated and my new home, an apartment in what used to be an old detention centre and then a school. The atmosphere was very uncomfortable and was steeped in history.

I found Susie very approachable from the outset. She listened to me with interest and ascertained what was needed and a suitable course of action to take.
Susie explained the process and her explanations were always interesting and clear and her eagerness to involve me was appreciated. The consultations were both very enjoyable. I wanted to impress ‘myself’ onto the pub and claim the space as my own. Susie realized quickly that this was important to me and thoroughly met my expectations. The Feng Shui advice she offered was an unexpected bonus.

The pub has become an overnight success.

My new flat had a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere from the outset, its a wander that I brought it at all! Different People who stayed over told me about identical dreams, if they slept at all, and I always felt like I did not really want to stay or relax there.

Susie helped change the atmosphere totally. Almost immediately the flat seemed so much lighter and ‘breezier’. Again, this was instantly noted by my boyfriend, who knew nothing of Susie’s work - he now sleeps soundly at night, this was not the case before.

Susie’s ‘after sale’ service has been spot on also. Both sites have needed more attention since the initial consultation and requests have been responded to promptly and effectively.

I would recommend Susie without doubt.
— Henry Davis
Dear Susie,

I’m writing to thank you for the brilliant job you made of clearing my house. The difference is really noticeable, even visitors who hadn’t known that I’d called you in have remarked on how much lighter and more welcoming the house seems. I feel as though the heavy gloominess and forbidding atmosphere of the place have been washed away totally. Even the garden has had a new lease of life; this spring blossom has appeared on the tree outside my door for the first time in over 21 years! I’m sleeping much better now and feel that at last I have a ‘home’ not just a house.

Once again, many thanks,
Kind Regards
— G Thompson, Gloucestershire
Dear Susie

I simply can’t thank you enough for the profound difference that you have made to our lives and our home.

We have always considered ourselves as “lucky” until this all dissolved away. I had reached desperation when I heard you on the radio. You were so quick to come and sort us out. I am so grateful for all you have done to the house that I once lived in, which is now our “home”. I likened the change to that of swimming in the waters of Lake Annecy, and I still do. The soft, silken air, the freedom of movement and the sparkling light. It’s incredible. I have had several visitors who know nothing of what you have done here, and their comments have been interesting, “Have you cut down some trees? Because it seems so light” and “Have you redecorated?” No, it’s all Susie’s work!

We now sleep through the night after 9 years, the clock in the dining room now works, and the cut glass in my bedroom actually makes rainbows!

Thanks you, Susie
— Jane. West Sussex
Dear Susie

I’m writing to thank you for giving me back my little girl. She had never really been a cuddly girl, and was very stroppy. I had begun to worry about her because she had a constant cough and horrid sore patches that didn’t really clear up and she was struggling at school with her reading and writing, when she was clearly an intelligent and articulate child.
After her healing session, my daughter is now the most loving little girl and will take endless amounts of kisses and cuddles.

Thank you,
— E.R. Sussex
Dear Susie

Many, many thanks for coming to my home and working your ‘miracles’’. My house is now creative, inspiring, happy and friendly since your visit 10 days ago. When my nephew and other children said they felt uncomfortable in my house I felt very sad and helpless. Then I met a friend who knew Susie, recommended her and it has transformed my house and therefore my life. It is incredible to feel the difference over 10 days. It is lighter, friendlier, my creativity has returned, I feel like I have new and increased energy to follow my dreams. You are so down to earth, friendly and ‘normal’ I have been impressed that you have phoned several times since your visit to check all is OK and have been genuinely interested to hear, the difference your ‘work’ has made.

Also a huge thank you for helping me with my ‘aura’. The relationship between myself and my daughter is flowing, loving and enjoyable. I feel more at ease with myself and therefore developing better relationships. I have set up my work area in my home and created relationship areas in my home to attract the right man into my life. I will continue to plant seeds and watch them grow. Many thanks Best wishes
— Diana R- New Malden