Around our physical bodies we have an energy field which is called an aura. 
It is also known as an etheric body, energetic blueprint or light body. The aura is understood and accepted in many ancient traditions and is now widely accepted by quantum scientists.

The majority of my aura healing sessions are done from a distance. Although, I can offer them on a one to one basis, both are as effective. The cost varies from £70 - £120 and is dependant on the amount of work required. Some people are more sensitive to picking up detrimental energy and it is possible to be influenced by our living or work space and even other people. There can be different reasons why a client might want Aura Healing, such as regular sessions to uplift and rebalance your energy to when a client needs a more urgent session as their energy field is depleted. Below is more information about the symptoms of a depleted aura and the benefits that my Aura Healing sessions provide my clients. One important thing to point out is that if somebody feels a vibration, it can be their own emotions that have affected their energy field. If we are stressed or anxious, it is possible that we can create this negativity. 


Sudden depression for no real reason

Excessive tiredness

Headaches, feeling of general heaviness


Disturbed sleep

Relationship problems

Short fuse or feelings of aggression

Aches and pains which cannot be diagnosed by a doctor.

What are the causes of a depleted aura




Low immune system

Drug or alcohol abuse

Using a Ouiji board

When the aura is torn or depleted it allows a person to be more vulnerable to picking up detrimental energy.
I do aura healing usually from a distance and ‘tune’ into the aura and removes any misplaced energies, which are gently released and relocated to they’re rightful place in the universe. I follow through by general healing and rechecking. I will advise my clients how to strengthen the aura and give them some psychic protection exercises if required.

What are the expected benefits

Improved energy

Focus and clarity

Physical wellbeing

Improved sleep

How can I check

I require a photograph and date of birth. I will be able to diagnose through dowsing and intuition to see if there is an ‘energetic’ reason for any of the symptoms. However, it is advisable to consult medical help for any unusual symptoms.


Aura Healing

Aura Healing