I have been aware of spaces for as long as I can remember. In friends’ houses, shops or schools, I was always sensitive to the energy and how it affected people.

I didn’t really think of it as a gift so I followed a conventional path for 14 years, working in financial services. But I knew something was missing. I knew that this was not the work I was born to do. 

A turning point came when my dad died in 1995. I questioned everything in my life and how I could be happy. It also made me think about where he might have gone. I wanted to hear from him, so I consulted mediums to make contact. 

This was the beginning of a new path for me. I discovered Feng Shui and Space Clearing and realised this was my calling. I embarked on a rigorous training programme and started my own business in 1997. 

I had always loved houses and interiors and now I was able to link this to my fascination with spaces. In subsequent years I added to my skill set by studying Geomancy and dowsing became a real passion.

My intuition and psychic abilities really started to evolve. I studied how to heal and balance Geopathic Stress, which is now one of my specialities. 

In 1996 I had the opportunity to test everything I had learned. I moved into a house that turned out to be something of a Pandora’s Box! During the construction of a loft extension, the builders fell through the ceiling. When the conservatory was built, everything went haywire. One of my daughters’s suddenly started having night terrors and often saw children dressed in Victorian clothes. And then I got divorced... 

I became my own case study! It was challenging at the time but looking back I can see it was a gift. I can empathise with clients who are dealing with the stress of living in a space like that.  In 2003, the house was sold and I left the space balanced and happy for the next family that moved in.

I believe that our space reflects us and in subsequent years, I came to see clearly how often it wasn’t just about the space but also the people living in it.  I started to work with individuals and their inner space. I was already offering Aura and Reiki healing but then trained in Hypnosis, Past-life and Current Life Regression and Life between Lives Therapy at The Past Life Regression Academy

In 2008 I added to my psychic skills by training to becoming a medium. I feel this is very beneficial to the healing workI do with people and houses. In December 2018, I received a CSNU certificate from the Spiritualist National Union in Speaking and Demonstrating. I believe Mediumship can bring healing and comfort.

In 2015, I took part in Ginger Training & Coaching’s six-month Inspiring Speakers Programme and my speech at the Gala Finale was awarded the Judges’ Choice prize. I enjoy speaking about the work I do and would like to communicate with a wider audience. 

A new space is opening up in my life and I’m looking forward to helping more and more people clear and rebalance their inner and outer spaces. 

My certificates and Diplomas

Professional Diploma in The Spirit and Practice of Feng Shui with The Feng Shui Network International -1999

Interior Alignment and Instinctive Feng Shui Certificate with Denise Linn-1997

City & Guilds Adult Education Teachers' Certificate - 2000

Modern European Geomancy Diploma with Sig Lonegren and Patrick MacManaway- 2001

Reiki Master Practitioner - 2002 

Spiritual Response Therapy Advanced Practitioner-2010

Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis-2011

Diploma in Regression Therapy- 2011 

Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis 2011

Life between Lives Therapy- 2013

SNU Platform Accreditation in Speaking and Mediumship 2013

Advanced Graduate of the Inspiring Speakers Programme, Ginger Training- 2015

CSNU Certificate in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Mediumship 2018

I have been featured on Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, The Independent and numerous editions of Spirit & Destiny.

I am a founder member of The Geomancy Group and on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers.