Do I need a home consultation

The following bullet points are to help you think about your space and some factors that can influence your energy levels and wellbeing.

I will talk to you in depth as to your current situation and areas of concern.

  • Who lived there previously, was it a happy home
  • Were the previous occupants happy
  • Does your energy ‘drop’ when you enter the space
  • Are there any places or spots in the house where you feel uncomfortable or agitated
  • Do you argue or have frequent disagreements whilst in the space
  • Since moving to the home, have any areas of your life been adversely affected
  • Do you have issues around sleep

What are the expected benefits

  • The home will feel bigger and a place that truly feels yours
  • You will have a space to make a new start or clean slate
  • The majority of clients report that they feel more focused and have increased clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Areas of your life that previously felt blocked will begin to flow and come into balance

What is included in consultation

  • Healing any Geopathic Stress
  • Space Clearing
  • Spirit Release
  • I will include any obvious Feng Shui tips and advice as part of the consultation. However, for a more detailed Feng Shui consultation, please contact me to discuss.
  • Aftercare - For a period of up to 2 months I will be available to check the space and rebalance it from a distance, if necessary at no further cost.

Healthy Home Check

A healthy home check is a quick inexpensive way of finding out if your home or office is adversely affected by detrimental earth energies.

If you would like a diagnosis of your space either at home or business, I am happy to do this. All you need to do is supply a floor plan of all the levels either hand -drawn or architecturally drawn. You only need to include all floors, bed positions and outside space.

They do not need to be to scale. I will ‘tune’ in to the space and also use dowsing to assess the plans. Please include the address and full postcode.

I will look for any Geopathic Stress, discarnate spirits and any other energies that are misplaced. I will also look at the maps of the area as it is today and also at the old maps to see if there is any significant history that may affect the space.

The fee for this service is £50. I will be able to assess the plans within a few working days and will discuss this with you by telephone. If you then book a consultation or distant work following this diagnosis, the fee of £50 will be deducted from the consultation fee.

After care

A very important part of my business is the after care I offer. Following a consultation or aura healing I will keep in regular contact. I feel it is important for me to evaluate my results and to ensure that my clients feel the benefits. Some spaces need further attention from a distance to completely stabilise and balance the space and I will include this monitoring during the first two months as part of the consultation fee. I welcome feedback and clients often comment that they are pleasantly surprised at the contact they have after the work has been done.

Buying & Selling


If a client is considering purchasing a property and would like advice on the presence of Geopathic Stress or on the Feng Shui of the building and landscape, I am happy to evaluate a particular potential home or business premises in relation to that person's needs.


If your home has been on the market for some time and is not selling, it may be due to the presence of Geopathic Stress and in some cases spirits. Sometimes, we hold energetically on to our homes or the space retains energy which may block the flow of selling and in this case, Space Clearing would be beneficial. Feng Shui cures can also aid the sale of a home.

Do I need a business consultation

  • Did the previous business close down due to low profits or liquidate
  • Is there an unusual large % of staff absentees
  • Are there relationship issues amongst the staff
  • Have your profits dropped unexpectedly

What are the expected Benefits

  • Increased profits
  • Improved staff attendance
  • Improved staff relationships
  • A generally happier working atmosphere

What is included in a business consultation

For the business client, my own business background gives me an understanding of the issues that may need to be addressed in the working environment. Geopathic Stress, closely related to sick building syndrome, can cause employees to feel unwell, irritable, overwhelmed with work and generally stressed, while having a negative impact on clients, and ultimately profits. We all know of business premises that have a long history of failure; even though they may be well situated, whatever business takes over the lease almost invariable closes with eighteen months to two years. Clearing Geopathic Stress can have a significant impact on absenteeism, employee and customer relations, as well as on business flow. I am also aware that certain businesses may need flexibility and sensitivity regarding appointment times, to ensure that customers are not disturbed in any way. Clearly, all work is carried out with complete confidentiality.


R.Whitaker, Sussex

Dear Susie

I thought you might like to know how we are all getting on since I last spoke to you. As you know the three previous occupants all had unhappy histories; one lost her job and husband in the same week, one was made bankrupt and the third couple ended up in a very acrimonious separation. We were very keen that something similar did not happen to us. There were a number of rooms in the house and areas of the garden that I did not like or feel comfortable in.

Since your visit the whole house feels relieved and open. I now leave the spare bedroom door open all the time whereas in the past I hated to look in there. Downstairs has a very different feel too. One friend who visited before you cleared the house couldn’t believe how much lighter the house felt when she came back the other day. It was rather cloudy but she said it was brighter despite the fact it had been sunny when she first visited the house. So that had nothing to do with the light levels!

Kind regards and a huge thank you from all of us.


Henry Davis

I hired Susie to cleanse two properties, a pub that I had recently renovated and my new home, an apartment in what used to be an old detention centre and then a school, the history and remaining guests in both places were very apparent and not just to me.

I found Susie very approachable from the outset. She listened to me with interest and ascertained what was needed and a suitable course of action to take. She was also willing to negotiate on the price which is always a good testament!

In the pub she cleared several portals and gateways and moved on 9 male spirits. I have a belief in all this anyway but her explanations were always interesting and clear and her eagerness to involve me in the ‘rituals’ was appreciated. If nothing else the whole process is very enjoyable. I wanted to impress ‘myself’ onto the pub and claim the space as my own. Susie realized quickly that this was important to me and thoroughly met my expectations. The Feng Shui advice she offered was an unexpected bonus.

The pub has become an overnight success.

My new flat had a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere from the outset, its a wander that I brought it at all! Different People who stayed over told me about identical dreams, if they slept at all, and I always felt like I did not really want to stay or relax there.

Susie helped change the atmosphere totally. Almost immediately the flat seemed so much lighter and ‘breezier’. Again, this was instantly noted by my boyfriend, who knew nothing of Susie’s work - he now sleeps soundly at night, this was not the case before.

Its a shame she cannot ‘move on’ the peculiar, very much alive neighbours!
Susie’s ‘after sale’ service has been spot on also. Both sites have needed more attention since the initial consultation and requests have been responded to promptly and effectively.

I would recommend Susie without doubt. 

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

A.F Streatham, SW16

Dear Susie,

Thank you for the work you carried out to help the sale of our property. I approached you since the property had been on the market for over 3 months, at a reasonable price in a sought after location. After your consultation the house felt bright, warm and welcoming. I almost felt sad to be selling it! 
Within 10 days after your consultation we received 2 offers on the property.

Susie I have great faith in the work you do, and that is why I have recommended you to both friends and family. They too are impressed by your remarkable efforts!

Many Thanks