Feng Shui Training - Taster session

Once again, I will be co teaching with E J Shaffert. The new training begins on November 25th 2017. 

Do you have an interest in healthy Living?

Are you sensitive to the environments you are in?

Would you like to learn how to create the best flow of energy and harmony?

The London School of Feng Shui offers a Certificate training Program, that will teach you the transformative art of Feng Shui. Learn to apply these powerful principles for yourself and to help others.

I will be teaching Space Clearing, Dowsing, Geopathic Stress, Blessing Ceremonies and also some of the Feng Shui modules.

We have a taster session on October 28th, from 2.30pm- 5.30pm, which is taking place in Wimbledon.

Do contact me for more information!