Spring Newsletter 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Easter! 

I don’t know about you but as soon as the clocks go forward and the days become lighter, I really can feel the energy of new beginnings. 

My news:

I have been de cluttering and re organising my home, ready for a move!  I will still be working from Twickenham a couple of days a week and am going to go to relocate to the seaside in the Brighton area. 

I am teaching with the London School of Feng Shui for a second year. My year two students are really enjoying the Space Clearing and a couple of them have started to work professionally. I find this very inspiring and am enjoying supporting them on their journey.

This month, it will be 21 years since I started my business! Thank you for all for all of your support over the years. I still have the same buzz now which I did all those years ago!

Top tips for Spring time:

  1. It is the perfect time to de clutter: As well as making space for new beginnings, it is sending out the energy that you are ready for change!
  2. Creating a table or a special area for new beginnings: This is another way of invoking positive change. Place objects that represent Spring: eggs, blossom, tulips or anything you feel creates that sense of new beginnings.  Keep all the objects renewed and dust free. This keeps the intention flowing. 
  3. Really think and feel what you wish to manifest: Write a ‘wish list’ on a small piece of paper and bury in an indoor plant. When watering this, you will be putting your intention of what you wish to bring in. When manifesting for the future, it is important to not be attached as sometimes the universe will deliver us something better to what we have intended.
  4. Gratitude: Giving thanks for what we do have right now is one of the most important things. If we are always thinking “when I get that, I will be happy” we are striving and it takes us out the flow.
  5. Nature is a wonderful reminder of how energy changes. In winter, it is hard to imagine, the tulip bulbs under the earth growing but suddenly up they spring. With the recent weather and unexpected drop in temperatures, I find it amazing how despite the cold spell, the spring flowers have survived and up they have popped up again. So if you are going through a challenging time, just know like the tulips, you will spring back up.
  6. I really like this quote:  “The only change you are not guaranteed is change from a vending machine”. Nothing stays the same and everything is always changing. It’s best to keep centred and keep in the flow of those changes. 

Here is a reminder of my contact details and as always I love hearing your feedback and news!

Warmest Wishes


0777 556 5562