Life Between Lives Therapy (LBL)

LBL is an extension of Past Life Regression. It enables you to enter memories of the 'in-between-lives' realm where we reside in spirit form when we are not incarnated.

Following Hypnosis, you take a journey to your most recent past life and from here your soul gently enters the spirit realms.  We follow your journey, meeting guides and soul group members. You can discover what you have learnt from past lives, what patterns you may be repeating and what your soul purpose is. All this is done from pure love without judgement. It is a beautiful therapy and is incredible to experience healing on such a deep soul level. To be able to connect with our soul essence and to find out life changing answers is so empowering. Questions can be asked such as Who am I? What is my soul purpose? What patterns in my current life are holding me back? Who is in my soul group? What lessons am I learning in this lifetime? What lessons have I been learning through many lifetimes? 

A LBL session is a time to heal and embrace your life giving you a new perspective and deeper connection to your true essence. It brings a new and wider outlook on both life and death. The session also gives us the true knowing that we are never alone and we are never judged.

This session runs between 3 and 4 hours and the cost is £240