When I was very young, I had a few experiences with ‘spirits’ floating in and out my bedroom and it didn’t feel at all scary and seemed quite normal to me. 

I have always been fascinated with Mediumship and visited my first Spiritualist church when I was 19 years old.  I believe that when we pass over, we all go to the same place and there is no separation and irrespective of our religious or spiritual beliefs, we all arrive to the spirit realms and are joined together.

I decided to train in Mediumship and found myself doing various courses at The College of Psychic Studies and The Arthur Findley College.  I have an accreditation ( PAS) for speaking and for demonstrating mediumship. I also did many classes and workshops at my local Spiritualist Church in Hampton Hill. I will always be very grateful to the training I received and opportunities given to me to practice.

I have found that my mediumship compliments all the services I offer and assists me in reading the energy of a session.

If you would like a reading, do get in touch with me. 

The aim of a reading is to give evidence that our loved ones have survived and very much are around us.  I often start a session by linking with you on a soul basis, which helps with the connection. I will then link with a communicator and give you information I am receiving. For me when I am working, as well as evidence, the healing aspect is important and also to bring through the 'essence' of a loved one. 

 I also come from the prospective that we need to make our own decisions and to tap into our intelligence to find the answers. Therefore, the evidence and information I bring through will not be telling you what or how to do something.

Mediumship is a natural process and loved one or friend will communicate with a medium by linking on a mind to mind basis. Information is given through images, feelings, thoughts and sometimes a knowingness of evidence. Often past memories will be given as evidence and events that have happened since the passing of the communicator. 

If for any reason, after 10 minutes, either myself or you do not feel it is working, then naturally there will be no charge for the reading. 

I demonstrate my philosophy and mediumship on platform at Hampton Hill, Richmond, Windsor and Barnes Healing Church. 

You may also be interested in my space clearing sessions.