Past life Regression Therapy

Using Hypnosis a client can be taken back to a past life to find the root course of emotional, mental or physical issues that are affecting the current lifetime. Memories and events can be revealed from previous lives which can be transformed and healed. Old blocks can be removed, current relationships can be understood and you can gain a spiritual understanding of your life. Healing can take place for physical issues in the current lifetime.  You can discover fascinating insights about your current life and understand from a soul prospective what your soul has come to experience. 

How long does a session last?

A past life session will be 2 hours and the cost is £140

Current life Therapy and Inner Child Therapy can be used to enable a client to heal emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

During the first 7 years of our lives we develop our internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe from those around us. Our parents, siblings, carers and teachers can influence and teach us beliefs and thoughts that are untrue. If we are told we are stupid or worthless then as a small child we can form that belief. We can grow up thinking that we deserve to be treated with abuse or that we are unlovable. Like wise, if we are brought up in a loving caring environment then as adults we believe that we are worthy of love and are loveable. 

Using Hypnosis and current life regression the source of any phobia that has developed can be transformed by accessing the subconscious memory. The memory can be visited and observed. Once this connection has been made to our inner self we can see without judgement how we took on unhealthy beliefs.

Inner Child Therapy is very helpful in dealing with internal beliefs that we formed when we were growing up. These beliefs that can affect us as an adult and by using our adult prospective we can renew and change these beliefs. It is a wonderful therapy that can be life changing when we have an understanding of how as a child we believed certain things about ourselves which as an adult we can see are unfounded. In the safety of Hypnosis, new beliefs can be created and this can truly enhance our lives. 

Depending on the issue but usually within 1- 3 sessions, clients will feel a positive shift in how they feel and also have a greater optimism and understanding for their future.

 Inner Child Therapy and Current life Regression will be a 2 hour session and will cost £140