Feng Shui Tips

The entrance to a home in Feng Shui is known as the 'Mouth of Chi' This is where all the positive and nourishing energy enters and so it is a very important in Feng Shui to be mindful of this. 

5 top tips

1. Keep clutter free, the door should be able to open into a clear space which is inviting. Beautifully placed artwork which is uplifting, good lighting and a mirror placed on the wall that your door opens to is ideal. 
2. If you have a staircase directly facing the front door, you need to slow the Chi down. This can be done with artwork, plants and colourful objects. A wind chime can be placed between the front door and stairs. 
3. Mirrors in Feng Shui are very important. Do not have a mirror directly facing the front door as the mirror here will push away all the good Feng Shui energy back out.
4. If you can see the back door from the entrance, the chi needs to be slowed down. This can be done in a number of ways: by positioning plants, placing a folding door to create a separate space, place a round table with a vase brightly coloured flowers or a tall plant at the back door. 
5. If you have a bathroom or toilet opposite the entrance, make sure the toilet lid is always down, the door is shut and create a focal point such as a round table with flowers to draw the energy away from the bathroom. These basic space clearing tips will help to maintain the balance in your home.


Space clearing tips

Space clearing tips

5 Ways to spot if a home has detrimental energy

The land that a home is built on can be affected by earth energies that can be harmful. This is often referred to as Geopathic Stress. 

Here are some signs to look out for:

1. Outside:

The presence of mushrooms 

Ants and wasp nests

Excessive Ivy

Trees that grow and bend over to one side

Cats in the garden

Areas where plants and flowers do not grow

2. Inside:

Light bulbs blowing

Electrical equipment breaking

Cracks in the walls 

Spots in the house that feel cold

Excessive clutter is often visual

3. Health: Geopathic Stress can lower a person’s immunity. One sign to look out for is whether since moving to a home there have been health issues. 

4. Sleep: When a space has detrimental energy, often a person will have nightmares or vivid dreams. One indicator to note is if sleep patterns are improved when away from the home.

5. Emotional issues: In a negative space, often arguments will erupt for no good reason. An atmosphere can be present which leaves an unsettling feeling.

3 Tips

If you have sleep issues, try moving your bed to see if any improvement is noticed.

Look into the history of the land and property. Find out about the previous occupants. Often homes that have detrimental energy will change hands frequently. 

Clear any clutter, which will help to bring in positive energy.

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Susie Shaw: A Stroke of Love

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